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Why Is Loose Leaf Tea Better Than Teabags

Why Is Loose Leaf Tea Better Than Teabags

Why Loose Leaf Tea is better than Tea LeavesThe reasons you should consider brewing your tea using loose leaf teas stretch far and wide. Keep in mind factors like amazing aromas, quality and, down the list of nutrients, there is no denying that indeed these leaves supersede tea leaves by far. Here are further elaborations.

• Boosts the immunity system

These leaves have theanine. Research proves that it is the key component found in disease prevention traditional herbs. The theanine can fight the existence of microbes by maximizing the role of gamma delta T-cells. The role that these cells play in the body is far too impressive to the shelf. They belong to a particular disease-fighting group of cells in the body that work together to ensure your immunity is at the top of its game. Interestingly enough, further research proves that within the first half an hour of taking tea that you brewed using these leaves, you will feel your stress levels going down by the elapsing of every second.

Why Is Loose Leaf Tea Better Than Teabags

• Improves metabolism

These teas are rich in flavonoids called catechins. The objective of the catechins is to revitalize your metabolism. Increasing your metabolism goes a long way toward helping your body achieve more energy which is crucial in weight management. Cases of overweight are a daily health issue in the modern world and their implications, even though detrimental, often pass for ignorance. Losing weight that might have been excess in the first place will do justice to the overall health status of your body as well as its immune defenses.

• Quality

Why Is Loose Leaf Tea Better Than TeabagsThe first reason these distinct leaves are better than tea leaves is high quality. In the real world, typical tea leaves are fanning; which is a by-product of the highest production standard of tea leaves. On the other side, loose leaf teas have strong antioxidants which grow stronger when you use unlike those of tea leaves.


• Freshness

The second reason you should consider using these leaves over tea leaves is freshness. Think about the fact that the packaging of tea leaves requires the use of plastic bags which reduce the strength of freshness and antioxidants. Moreover, the more you use teal leaves, the more the antioxidants fade. When it comes to loose leaf teas, they have unfurling properties that occur naturally. They are massive and have amazing absorbing properties that allow brewing to get stronger and smell fresher as opposed to tea leaves. The ability of these leaves to fight to age is beyond any doubts.

• Anti-cancer properties

The final reason why these leaves are better than tea leaves is that they have anti-cancer abilities. Think about the fact that the prevalence of catechins alone in the leaves limits cancer by combating the disease-causing organism that destroys that formation of DNA. Additionally, the ability to fight DNA-altering organism also mitigates nitrification which is a core reaction that has close links with a wide variety of cancer. While it is evident that consuming tea rich in loose leaf teas can help you fight cancer, it is vital to seek professional guidance and opinions regarding the same matter.The above five reasons are a few of the health benefits of loose leaf teas over tea bags.