It is thought that coffee and tea pods made from aluminium can end up taking around 150 – 200 years to degrade – many of those years they will be lying around in a landfill. If that isn’t bad enough, it is thought that the process used to refine the aluminium that goes into the capsules, produces a great deal of toxic waste.

For some people, going without their daily caffeine fix just doesn’t seem like an option. The little capsules that bring you a cup of joy at just the flick of a button and the whir of a machine are quick and easy ways of getting a quality hit.

Environmentally-Friendly Tea Pods

So what should we do if we want to help the environment, remain conscientious about our choices and avoid shouting the office down because there is no decent coffee or tea?

There are plenty of companies out there now who are making their mark on bringing us environmentally-friendly coffee and tea capsules, and they certainly don’t compromise on quality.

Companies like TeaOne and Terra Leaf are making capsules from biodegradable paper. Take a look a selection of the best selling teas.